Last chance to vote for your favourite projects

16 Sep 2014 | Contestants have been hard at work this summer to progress on their projects. Over 400 news have been posted on the QLA blogs during the research period! Great findings, amazing pictures, analysis, results, new ideas and promotion have been published.

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Successful summer for the 2014 edition contestants

29 Aug 2014 | Over 200 news have been posted on the contestant’s blogs over the last two months! Great findings, surprises, deep analysis, first results, new ideas, good promotion, some very creative have been published. Have a look to them.

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Minister of Environment supports Quarry Life Award

18 Jul 2014 | On July 10th, at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Khatuna Gogaladze, the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources in Georgia, met with the QLA International Jury member - Erasto Njavike, the QLA global coordinator - Amy Wedel, and the Georgian QLA team.

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Group at the drinking water spring.

The Quarry Life Award raises more and more interest in Ukraine

24 Jun 2014 | While the 2nd edition of the Quarry Life Award is already in its active stage worldwide the contest is becoming even more attractive for future contestants.

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Happy World Environment Day!

5 Jun 2014 | On this special day, Quarry Life Award thanks all its contestants around the world for their active contribution to raise public awareness on the importance and value of Biodiversity. Through the 95 selected projects, over 400 people work intensively to make nature be the biggest winner of Quarry Life Award.

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Quarry Life Ukraine: Cycle ride participants at the Zheltokanka Quarry

Quarry Life Award community in Ukraine enhanced by cyclists

3 Jun 2014 | On May 24th 2014, the cycle ride with a special visit to the Zheltokamenka quarry was organized to promote The Quarry Life Award in Ukraine. A fantastic opportunity to present one of finalists projects called “Green Wall”.

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Public vote is now open!

28 May 2014 | Exciting new discoveries are regularly being posted by the contestants. Follow their amazing project ideas and show your support to the projects of your choice.

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Oehoe-kuikens in ENCI-groeve geringd

20 May 2014 | Afgelopen dinsdag zijn de vier jonge Oehoe-kuikens in de Maastricht ENCI-groeve geringd.

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Follow projects online

28 Apr 2014 | National jury members have selected the top 5 projects in each contest to continue to the next stage of the competition. Join the QLA Community and follow online contestants’ activities and findings.

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Quarry Life Award Benelux groeve van Loën – CBR Lixhe

Concurrerende projecten in de Benelux

14 Apr 2014 | Het is zover: de wedstrijd werd in de Benelux gelanceerd! De deelnemers hebben tot september tijd om hun onderzoek in de groeves tot een goed einde te brengen. De groeves werden hen – speciaal voor deze gelegenheid – ter beschikking gesteld.

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Akçansa organized a “Biodiversity day”

3 Apr 2014 | Akçansa Cement, Turkey, organised a “Biodiversity Day” on February 27, to highlight its materiality among other sustainability pillars and to increase awareness of its stakeholders.

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Inrichting kalkgraslanden aan noordzijde ENCI-groeve uitgesteld ivm broedende Oehoe

19 Mar 2014 | ENCI heeft de inrichting van kalkgraslanden aan de noordzijde van de ENCI-groeve in Maastricht, tijdelijk stilgelegd in verband met een broedende Oehoe. De nestlocatie bevindt zich in tegenstelling tot voorgaande jaren niet in de Oehoevallei maar in een nis in de noordwand van de groeve, ten zuiden van de Oehoevallei.

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