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26 Aug 2015

Quarry Life Award 2016: HeidelbergCement launches 3rd edition of the international research competition

For the third time HeidelbergCement initiates the Quarry Life Award, an international scientific and educational competition to find new ideas for the conservation and promotion of biodiversity in quarries. These unique habitats will be opened again for research. Thanks to the Quarry Life Award, young people – students, graduates and researchers – will have the chance add true ecological and educational value to a mining site. Read more

31 Jul 2015

Quarry Life Award at SER 2015 in Manchester, UK

The 3rd edition Quarry Life Award will be launched at the SER Conference in Manchester, UK, this 26th August 2015. Hundreds of biodiversity and restoration experts from all around the world have registered to this event. A fantastic opportunity to share experiences and raise the interest of potential candidates for the next edition. Join us and share your ideas - Nature will be the biggest winner! > Read more about SER 2015   Read more

28 Jul 2015

New publication: International Winners - Editions 2012 & 2014

“For HeidelbergCement protecting nature and managing biodiversity in our quarries play an important role,” said Dr Scheifele, Chairman of the Managing Board of HeidelbergCement, in the foreword of the brochure. “Quarries and gravel pits transform the existing landscape into a completely new landscape. That’s why it is our duty to minimize our impact on nature, and implement environmentally sound quarrying practices.” Read more

23 Jul 2015

The 'Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology' publishes a study about soil microfauna in the HeidelbergCement quarries in Georgia.

Oribatid mite diversity was investigated in Gardabani clay and Kavtiskhevi limestone quarries of HeidelbergCement Georgia. Soil samples were collected on quarries of different ages and adjacent natural ecosystems that were referred as control sites.39 species of oribatid mites were identified in six locations of Gardabani clay quarry, among them Phyllozetes tauricus Gordeeva, 1978 is new for the Caucasian fauna. 40 species were found in four locations of Kavtiskhevi quarry, Simkiniaschachthachtinskoi (Kulijev, 1961) and Laisobelba sp. being new for the Georgian fauna. Read more

26 Mar 2015

The UN Decade on Biodiversity awards Quarry Life Award

The Award ceremony took place in Frankfurt during the Dialogue Forum "Companies for Biodiversity 2020" organized by the German Federal Ministry of Environment. The award of the UN Decade on Biodiversity is given to projects that exceptionally promote the conservation of biodiversity. Read more