Course of pumped water
The course of water pumped from the SCANTOGO quarry for the reduction of the water table in order to facilitate the work of extraction of the limestone is presented in three (03) phases: the water at the exit of the quarry, the route of the water in a drain built by the company towards Lake Tohé and its course from the lake to the river Mono.

Reasons put forward by the people of Logokpo
According to the populations of Logokpo, the excessive intake of nutrients such as the nitrogen contained in the ammonium nitrate used by SCANTOGO for firing in his career is the cause of the eutrophication of the lake. The ecological functioning of the lake today is disrupted causing a drop in production and a disappearance of local fish species.

Reasons put forward by SCANTOGO
The company SCANTOGO rejects this accusation based on the fact that it does not fail to make microbiological and physicochemical analyzes of its waters at the entrance of the lake and its exit before its discharge into the Mono River. The results of these analyzes are available and meet the required environmental standards.