To enlighten the public on this accusation deemed unfounded, the three (03) representatives of SCANTOGO took turns to explain to the population the management of nitrate products during shots in the quarry and ask the public to calm down and with a peaceful and collaborative spirit to seek together a lasting solution to the problem.

In their turn, the representatives of the population reiterated this initiative of peaceful resolution of the conflict by confirming to the representatives of SCANTOGO that the essential thing for them is not to shoulder the responsibility of pollution of the lake with SCANTOGO, all the more the causes of eutrophication of a lake are diverse and the diagnosis can only be realized by the results of analysis of the lake water on the one hand and those of the waters of the quarry at its entry into the lake.

The head of the health, safety and environment department then explained to the populations the measures taken by SCANTOGO regarding the environmental compliance of treated wastewater on site and those discharged into the Mono River via the lake canal. To this end, she explained to the population that the company regularly conducts analyzes at the level of the National Institute of Hygiene and the water chemistry laboratory of the University of Lomé; and the results from these analyzes show their compliance with standards required.